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At the end of the 60’s, next to one of the most beautiful and well-known Roman areas (close to Via Veneto),  “Il Vero Girarrosto Toscano” has been established as a typical Roman taverna, and it has become in a while one of the most appreciated restaurants in the Capital.The traditional Roman cuisine was replaced in time by the internationally praised Tuscan recipes.

Famous actors, diplomats, and businessmen are usual guests, in what is nowadays certainly known as one of the best Italian restaurants.
Federico Fellini e Giulietta Masina spent many evenings here, in friendly and lively conversations with many actors and celebrities. Ever since, its both cozy and informal atmosphere makes. While celebrating its 35th anniversary, the “G.T.” still offers those relishes which made it internationally famous. Many awards and acknowledgements are shown on premises’ walls, as a sign of praise for its first rate food , high quality service and owner’s attentive care.

Deeply rooted into the best restaurant tradition, “G.T.” will make your eating experience an unforgettable journey into Italian good taste and life-style.